I grew up on a lake in south Florida through what I remember as a perpetual summer and a time when the world bent according the whims of my imagination. In that earlier life, I was a superhero and a climber of trees. I collected tadpoles and when I couldn’t fall asleep at night, I made up stories for myself in my head. (Some things don’t change.)
I have ridden trains that criss-crossed Europe, taken planes to Naples and Istanbul, rowed a boat down the Ganges, bumped along the lanes of old Delhi in rickshaws, wound through the tea plantations of Sri Lanka, and endured buses through the mountains to Manchu Pichu.
Then a new kind of life presented itself. This life is filled with other little people whose needs often take precedent over my own and is dominated by very ordinary thingsā€¦
Still, beneath the surface, I am another person altogether.
I am a writer whose imagination wanders through fantastical worlds.
I believe in the power of stories to take us out of our ordinary life, to show us other worlds and thus transform the way we see our own.
I walk through days which seem ordinary,
and yet I search continually
for the deep sacredness of our lives.