How far would you go to find the Great Meaning of your life?

What is beyond the sea, she asked. What is the mainland? And what is my place in this vast and remarkable world? Born on an isolated island surrounded by an infinite sea, Isla feels alone with her questions of life’s meaning and purpose. Even her best friend Tomas seems satisfied with life on their island home and does not look for answers beyond the shores of his known world. However, the arrival of a strange boatman changes the course of Isla’s destiny and her perspective on what is possible. ┬áStriking out on an adventure that will take her far from the island of her birth and even farther from those she loves, Isla will rise everything in search of the Great Meaning of her life. ┬áBut will the powerful mainland of her imagination, driving by the philosophy ‘More is Better, New is Best’ hold the answers she expects? And will Isla’s search for wisdom be worth the cost?

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If you could ask one Question, what would it be?

A novella of magical stories and spells of wisdom. The oracle is a healer, and most islanders come to her for help with their physical ailments. But this is not the oracle’s true calling. The oracle is a healer of the suffering of the mind…

For those who visit, she speaks tales in the Old Language, tales that weave their way into your bones and have the power to transform. She stands at the threshold of her white stone house above the silver mangroves and against the towering cliffs of her indigo island.

She is waiting for you…

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Currently a work-in-progress, (that’s me in the picture writing!) The Colour of Losa is the second novel in The Boatman series. Set during the time of the Losa Boom, it tells the passionate, painful and treacherous backstory to The Boatman.

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